Youth Sports Programs

The YMCA of Cecil County offers a variety of outstanding youth recreation and sports programs including basketball, football, cheerleading, field hockey, volleyball, karate and swim team. See below for program highlights or click on the links in the menu on the left.

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Legendary Baseball & Softball Academy  (« Click for more info!)
The YMCA is thrilled to partner with the Legendary Baseball & Softball Academy. For the Cecil County player who is ready to compete at a higher level, you must take advantage of this opportunity. The Academy will offer month-long programs to improve the skills of infielders, outfielders, pitchers and catchers for both boys and girls of all ages.
YMCA Youth Basketball  (« Click for more info!)
The YMCA Youth Spring Basketball League is designed to be an opportunity for boys and girls to continue their growth, abilities, & skills development in the game of basketball. It is set up to offer a more competitive, skills-development type environment than our Winter Recreational League -- and is recommended primarily for those players interested in continuing their growth in the game of basketball.
Cecil County Field Hockey  (« Click for more info!)
In conjunction with the YMCA, the CCFHA (Cecil County Field Hockey Association) will offer a Summer Outdoor Field Hockey League to be held at the YMCA. There will be a High School division as well as an Adult division.

In addition, check out the Fall Outdoor Field Hockey program!

YMCA Jaguars Football & Cheerleading  (« Click for more info!)
This program is designed with the player and cheerleader in mind! Part of the Upper Chesapeake Youth Football League. Weight structured with minimum play rules. First Come/First Serve registration generally begins in April/early May.
YMCA Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Hap Ki Do  (« Click for more info!)
One of the longest-running programs at the YMCA, Isshinryu Karate is a traditional style Martial Art, that focuses on total fitness, discipline and personal protection and is taught in a family growth atmosphere.
YMCA (CECY Dolphins) Swim Teams  (« Click for more info!)
The Dolphins Swim Team is a year-round program focusing on strong mechanics, emphasizing competitive strokes & technique. There are approximately 6 swim meets (home & away) on Saturdays during the winter/spring session. Pre-requisites: 6-18 years of age & able to swim 25 yards on stomach and back.
YMCA Tennis  (« Click for more info!)
YMCA Junior Tennis tournaments are open to boys and girls up to the age of 18. Round-robin tournaments are held over a two-day period during the summer months. Winners are determined by the highest game totals at the end of the tournament. Trophies are awarded for the first and second place finishers in both the girls and boys divisions.
YMCA Youth Volleyball  (« Click for more info!)
We are proud to offer a youth volleyball league for children entering grades 5, 6, 7 & 8. There will be a 5th and 6th grade division as well as 7th and 8th grade division for each school district. Players are taught volleyball fundamentals and given the opportunity to demonstrate their learned skills in games.
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