"Dearest YMCA & George Patchell, A world of thanks to you for awarding me a full scholarship" -- Corina
Before: I started at the Y 10 yrs ago after abdominal surgery. The trainer helped set up a new program for me that was a big help in recovery.

During: About 2 yrs ago, I joined Sue Massi's class to work on "balance issues". Those issues are solved and I continue in the class for a regular change from my usual exercise. She also helped me strengthen my weak lower back.

Today: I have been having knee Issues. My doctor says it is a lack of strength, not an issue with the joint. So Sue helped me work on that. Now in my late 60's, I expect some “issues” at times. With regular exercise I feel much better than in the past. -- Member

Before: In June of 2008, I had met a weight loss goal of 70lbs. I was thin, but lacked definition. I made an appointment with Rachael Lawrence to try to remedy this.

During: Rachael formulated an easy to follow weight lifting routine that worked well with my lifestyle. As, I progressed, I would make additional appointments with her and she would modify my program appropriately. Rachael is FUN to work with. She pushes you to push yourself!

After: In October of 2009, I trained for and participated in a figure competition. I won two 3rd place prizes. I hope to compete again in August of this year. With Rachael's guidance I gained "a little definition" and then some! -- PAT


Both of my boys have participated in the YMCA Preschool program. My oldest is in 2nd grade and consistently achieves the principal's award for good grades. I know that his achievements are due partly to the excellent experience and head start he gets from the YMCA Preschool program. My youngest is currently in the program and has come so far already. Thank you, Ms. Ann & Ms. Linda for all of your hard work and dedication.

They YMCA keeps my family going. It provides us with a simple life with the before and after school program as well as the Pre-School program. It allows my husband and I flexibility with our jobs, while entertaining and teaching our children at the same time. I used to be scared of them getting dirty, but now its an expectation! GO YMCA! -- Naeema Watts


As a grandmother of two live-in grandchildren I'd like to say the "Y" has helped me tremendously, especially at a time when I needed it most. I wasn't prepared to start taking care of children all over again since my children are all grown and I work a full time schedule of 40 hours a week. I checked just about every daycare in the area and the "Y" is by far the best financially, and if it was not for the patience and consideration of the staff, I would have had to look for other accommodations seeing as one of the children has a slight behavioral problem. During the summer the "Y" has an excellent summer camp program that the children enjoyed, with camp counselors that they just loved. I never heard a complaint "I'm bored". Not only is the "Y" a great place for the children to go, it was also able to help make the kids Christmas holiday a little brighter. My appreciation goes out to the whole staff at the YMCA. Thank you. -- Bonnie Allen


Hi, my name is Ashleigh. I recently completed the Safe Sitter Course at the YMCA of Cecil County with Ms. Ann. I learned so much about taking care of the children and feel very confident that I can now be a successful babysitter. Miss Ann made the class very informative and very fun. I learned about child safety, behavior management, first aid, and a whole lot more. I also made new friends in the process. Some of the cool stuff I learned, my parents didn't even know and they have 3 kids! I would recommend this class to anyone interested in learning how to be safe and knowledgeable babysitter. -- Ashleigh (12 year old girl that finished our Safe Sitter program)

Our daughter was new to Cecil County Public Schools this year. With our work schedules we needed before and after care. We enrolled at the YMCA. Our expectations were just care. We have received much more. These great ladies care about our daughter's success and motivate her to do her very best at school. They are always available for help with homework, advice or a hug when needed. The YMCA Before and After care Program has taken CARE to the next level. -- The Stevens Family