Studies show that people achieve results 30%-70% faster with a qualified trainer. There are a variety of reasons that people use personal trainers and the number one reason is to get results. Our certified trainers can help you break through plateaus, maximize fat burn, develop lean muscles and promote strong bones and joints-building a body that will perform better and last longer. Let your desire for health and fitness finally become a reality.


A great way to gauge progress is through "Body Fat Measurement". This scientific method allows you to evaluate your progress & adjust your routine accordingly!

FEE: $5 Non-Members, FREE for Members.

The following programs are available for our members. Take advantage of these wonderful programs by simply registering at the front desk. These programs are just another way of adding value to your membership here at the YMCA of Cecil County.

 SMART Start...

Now that you have made that step to become a mem-ber and filled out the smart start card, one of our Certified Personal Trainers will contact you to set up your free fitness orientation. This orientation will help you become familiar with our cardio and circuit equip-ment. This is an excellent opportunity to have some of your health and wellness questions answered by our expert staff. Free for Y members.

 Body Fat Measurement...

A great way to gauge progress is through -- Body Fat Measurement. This scientific method allows you to evaluate your progress & adjust your routine accordingly! Free for Y members.

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(L-R) David Blankenship, Burnie Williams,
Phil Ingaran,Bill Freeland,
Matt Fleming, Tom Capezio

(L-R) Danielle Ford, Tracey Simmons,
Caitlin Walters

YMCA Trainers have been trained by the best and reflect the YMCA's mission of helping individuals reach their fullest potential. No matter where you are on the fitness spectrum, our trainers are there for you. From the athlete-in-training to the more casual health seeker. Our trainers can develop a plan that is right for you. They will assess your strengths in multiple areas and work with you to set goals that make sense and adjust the plan as you progress and be there to keep you from slipping back. Here's to your Health! Cancellations are accepted 24 hours in advance.

 Personal Training...

We offer Personal Training pages for every level--From beginner sessions to Intensive 8-week programs...


( NEW... 7/16/17! )


( NEW... 7/16/17! )

... OR Read on for information about our Partners in Training Program Weight Management and Teen Strength Training Classes. See also "Group Training" on the right.

 Partners in Training...

Keeping up with a fitness program is a lot easier when you have a friend who is committed to doing the same. Partners in training makes it possible for two members with similar goals to work with one trainer. Both parties must be present upon registration.


Are you searching for a supportive, motivational approach to weight management? Whether weight loss or weight gain or just maintaining your weight through the winter months. Learn about healthy lifestyles, topics including nutrition, stress management that will help you effectively reach your goals by understanding your body's needs. Monitor your food diaries or reevaluate them. Only for those who are looking for a serious change in your body composition.

One hour analysis &
consultation with a certified
Weight Management Consultant:
$40 Member
$55 Non-member
Did you know that nutrition can affect athletic performance? Did you know that what you eat can affect performance, endurance, strength, speed or even mental performance? Well, this is where you will find out. So, if you want to boost your athletic achievements through nutrition, schedule an appointment with our Certified Sports Nutritionist.

One hour analysis & consultation with a certified Sports Nutritionist: $40 Member/$45 Non-Member

Combine this with a one hour Personal Training Session:  $70 Member/$80 Non-Member


For further information regarding YMCA of Cecil County Fitness Programs, please call our Fitness Coordinators.

 Group Training...

Do you struggle making your workout a part of everyday? Group training is a cost-effective training option that lets you work with a certified personal trainer as part of a group of 3-10 training partners. You can bring your own group or we'll help you put one together. A great way to get connected and stay motivated! Contact one of our Personal Trainers for more information regarding a Group Training.


Work in a small group setting with a certified Personal Trainer who holds several world records in Power Lifting. You will learn proper form and technique and basic safety skills. Learn the basics of attending meets and responsibilities that are required. 7 week session, Ages 14 & UP



Enroll your child into this class and let them receive the many benefits that will take place in their lives! Improve anaerobic capacity / increase vertical leaps / increase stamina / flexibility / improve strength on batting swings/more core power. Whatever your young athlete needs to improve on, this class will do it! They will meet with a Certified Sports Personal Trainer. Maximum of 12 participants per session.

(NEW 8/12/17!)


This class is designed for 12-13 year olds and will teach them how to properly use the fitness equipment, cardio equipment, fitness etiquette and safety procedures. Upon successful completion of both written and practical exam, participants will be issued a card allowing access to the fitness center.

*Pre-registration is required!

(NEW 8/12/17!)

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