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Parents Code of Conduct
* I understand the officials have an unbiased opinion and have nothing to gain with respect to the outcome of the game.
* I will support the officials and YMCA Staff working with my child in order to encourage a positive and enjoyable experience for all.
* I will demand a youth sports environment free of drugs, tobacco, and alcohol -- and will refrain from their use at all youth sports events.
* I will remember that the game is for the kids - NOT adults.
* I will help my child enjoy the youth sports experience by doing whatever I can (such as being a RESPECTFUL fan, providing transportation, etc.) to assist the program.
2014-15 Youth Fall/Winter BASKETBALL LEAGUE...
Players are taught basketball fundamentals and given the opportunity to demonstrate their learned skills in games. All players are placed on teams within their geographic location. League is for students 1st thru 8th grade.

REGISTRATION BEGINS TUES. SEPTEMBER 2, 2014. The Season begins after the Thanksgiving Holiday. Once all available registration slots are filled in a particular district, registration in that particular district will be closed - FIRST COME/FIRST SERVE only! No phone-in registrations are accepted!

Fundraiser Policy: All program participants are responsible for the $10 raffle ticket fundraiser when you register. You can either sell the tickets for recuperation on your investment or turn in the ticket stubs to participate in the fundraiser.

Teams practice once a week in their community and play an eight game schedule at the YMCA. Every player will receive a YMCA Basketball T-Shirt!

FEE: $60 per person ($5 Discount for each additional sibling).
  Fundraising Fee: $10.00 per child due at registration.
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Registration FORM
(Posted 8/29/14):

YMCA of Cecil County also offers SPRING youth
basketball. This is not an instructional program.
Teams get two practices and play an eight game
schedule. Practices and games are held at the YMCA on Sunday afternoons. For boys and girls grades 5-12, every player will receive a YMCA Basketball T-Shirt!

Registration starts February 2015. Practice begins end of March. Please stop back this winter for registration information.


The YMCA's youth sports programs are based on certain goals and objectives.

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1. No use of alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs!
2. School comes first (before sports)!
3. Attend all practices, games, and team functions.
4. Report any and all injuries to the coaching staff.
5. Treat all teammates, coaches, opponents, officials, and fans with dignity and respect.
In the event of inclement weather, please tune to the following radio stations for up-to-date information on any closings/cancellations of any specific programs, or of the YMCA of Cecil County building itself.
WJBR (99.5 FM)
WXCY (103.7 FM)
WSTW (93.7 FM)
WDEL (1150 AM)
* The YMCA addresses concerns regarding officiating from the head coach ONLY.
* The YMCA protocol (chain of command) regarding concerns about officiating is as follows:
  1. Parent
  2. Head Coach
  3. YMCA
  Please respect YMCA protocol and use proper channels. The YMCA will NOT discuss officiating with parents/guardians.
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