The YMCA has a variety of aquatic programs for people of ALL ages & abilities. Read on for highlights... for details, click on the links below or in the left side menu. We appreciate your interest in our programs!
 SPLASH! Swim Week, May 19-21, 2014
FREE "Begin to Swim" Lessons!

Free to the public through a generous donation from Art Mayer! Open to non-swimmers 3 years of age to adults. Pre-registration is required to ensure availability. Call to reserve your spot for your 3 free lessons including water safety, stroke development and pool games. Classes by age for non-swimmers 3-5years; 6-12years, 13 and older.

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 Water Aerobics (Aquatic FITNESS) for Adults
Designed for both the swimmers & non-swimmers... main focus is flexibility, muscle toning, & overall conditioning. Water creates resistance against the muscles & takes the shock off the legs & body...

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 SWIM TEAM - CECY Dolphins
The Dolphins Swim Team is a year-round program focusing on stroke mechanics, emphasizing competitive strokes & technique.

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 Swim Lessons
We offer swim lessons for most every age & ability. We also provide youth & adult private lessons with one-on-one, individualized instruction.

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This group is for intermediate and advanced COMPETITIVE swimmers who want to continue their training between the Winter and Summer swim season... not a stroke mechanics class.

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Lifeguard training is also available for participants 15 years and older...

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It's a SPLASH!
30 minutes of instruction, 30 minutes of recreational swimming. Ages 5-14, Tuesdays 1pm. Offered each session.

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